A New Safe Affordable Anchor System to Protect Your Expensive Investment - Your Boat!



1.Attach anchor release system line A to bow of boat, leaving enough excess for line to reach 2/3 the distance from the bow to the stern along the side of the boat.

2.Run anchor release trip line B down left or right side, whichever you prefer, to the back of boat where operator sits.

3.IMPORTANT: When anchor release line A is taut on the anchor system, anchor trip line B should still have enough slack to avoid accidental release of anchor.

4.Attach snap clevis E to anchor line in front of buoy. Tie off excess anchor line at buoy.

5.Attach anchor release system C to snap clevis E at buoy.

6.WARNNG: The snap clevis E must be clipped to curved section only on the anchor release system. Otherwise anchor will not release when tripped.

7.Make sure arrow on anchor release system C is always pointed toward the boat.

8.After the system is tripped, anchor release must be reset to be used again. To reset, flip curved section of anchor release back to locked position.

9.To reattach, move boat back up to buoy and anchor line. Snap clevis on anchor line back into anchor release system.


A. Anchor Release System Line

B. Anchor Trip Line

C. Anchor Release System

D. Anchor Buoy

E. Snap Clevis

F. Anchor Line


The Red Head Anchor Release system allows a single person in a boat to release the anchor and reattach to the anchor buoy without moving to the front of the boat. There are thousands of boats that need to anchor up to a system that allows them to drop their anchor line (which is attached to a buoy) so they can float down river and land their fish. This system allows them to stay at the back of the boat while doing that.

Why do you need an anchor release system? For your safety and to protect your boat, this system allows quick release because of:

  • Floating or submerged debris in a river.

  • Sudden change in river levels due to water release by nearby dam. This can occur without warning.
  • Sudden change in water level because of incoming tide.

Anchor buoy and anchor line not included (for illustration purposes only)

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